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Hermione Granger

Pregnancy and Idleness

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Hermione Granger
Phoenix Rising: A Harry Potter RPG

Pregnancy and Idleness

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This past month and a half has been an absolute torture and an absolute dream at the same time.

Yes I will become a mother, and that excites me more than I could ever express but simultaneously the craving, annoyances, and mood swings are exhausting me. The alternations of my moods especially, have been nerve racking for Ron and me as well. He has been a dear of course, forbearing it as one can possibly expect him too but it does not change the fact that I’m getting tired of crying one moment and being absolutely content the next.

Aside that fact, the preparations for the wedding -Ginny’s not my own (for Molly of course still insists in an open one)- are going well indeed.

But even if I have Ron by my side, and even if I have been resting for the past month and a half it is precisely that fact that irks me to no end. I’ve been acting as until now I have acted in my life. I have been idle, inactive and it is really not my favourite pastime.

Of course there have been pleasurable diversions, what with Ron paying me any attention since he is not ‘alive’ for the Ministry, but unfortunately even he cannot chase away my feelings of uselessness.

I decided today that I had to do something to change my present situation.

Our finances are not obviously enough for us to keep living like this, so I’ve decided that it was high time that I would contact Master Alexander again. When I left Greece I was near graduation from the Institute, thus becoming a Mistress of the Institute, a title higher than I could ever have expected as a result of my studies however diligent they were.

My research about Hera being near completed, I had forgotten about it what with all the incidents in mine and Ron’s life. However, today since Ron went to visit his father at the Ministry I took the opportunity of re-opening my books, and I suddenly remembered the discoveries I had made.

If only I can apply my whole concentration and mind to the project….No…I could never be the one to discover this…Other wiser men must have studied this before.

I shift in my seat to accommodate myself better, while reading my notes on the subject of ancient Gods.

The Dementors…their nature and substance…Someone must have researched this before…

I remember Master Alexander’s words when I last saw him and feel a pang in my chest that I have not contacted him in so long. He told me that as a foreigner I would see much more in this than any of the previous possessors of the book even himself. Prejudice can be blinding and threats can be also.

I need to Watch…Explore…Think. I need to remember and exercise all those values, skills and abilities I have obtained in the Institute.

My thoughts –and my study- are interrupted when Ron appears out of the fireplace. He brushes off the soot from his robes, and smiles when he looks up to me.

“This brings to mind a lot of memories, you know,” he tells me, and bends down to kiss me.

“Minus the well-rounded stomach you mean,” I smile up at him and cooperate when he bends and takes me in his arms. He carries me to the sofa, along with my book of course, and lets me down gently on his lap.

“And the kiss and general affection of course,” he grimaces while saying that and I can’t help but kiss him again.

“Of course, but then I wasn’t pregnant with our child, was I?” I smile teasingly, and he sticks his tongue out at me.

I admit that I enjoy moments such as these, but the past month hasn’t always been so. My morning sickness and all the annoyances due to the pregnancy that I mentioned before, had seemed to affect Ron as well in a not so pleasant manner, but he never let it show.

He has seen more than patient and I have thanked him enough already –according to him of course. Life has been simple, happy, quiet…and that is what makes me uncomfortable.

It has been too quiet…too simple…At times, even though I try to blame my uneasiness to the lack of useful employment of my time, I fear that it is not that alone. Maybe, I have not been used to living without anything to occupy my mind but then I want to become active again.

I have not worked on the tablet with Padma and Ginny in ages, and I admit that I do miss the intriguing mystery behind it. My research has been put away and replaced with maternity clothes, and a job of course had not crossed my mind until now.

I need to start being active, I think as Ron asks me what I would like for dinner.

We both need to employ our time in useful things…But what would do…?
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