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Hermione Granger


You Can Read About...

Either Way
Hermione Granger
Phoenix Rising: A Harry Potter RPG


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Color-coded-results spells were always the ones I felt less inclined to learn. However since they are useful in many aspects of a witch’s life, I learnt them and did so properly. This particular spell however…

Oh, sweet Merlin!

No…not red! Not red…red like his Ginny’s hair. Like my period that didn’t come. Not red! Anything but red…I close my eyes and open them once again to look down to my abdomen, which is…still red.

A baby…my baby. I smile momentarily, before my eyes widen. Ron’s baby! What will he think? Oh Merlin!

Tears start rolling off my eyes, as I sit in the mine and Hannah’s bathroom, considering the possibilities. I have no idea whatsoever, as to why I elected the bathroom to do the spell, but I suppose it’s a Muggle thing I adopted. What will he say? What will I do? We only just got married, and we were so happy…until my tantrums… I let out a groan at the memories of my latest nervous breakdowns around Ron. I should have known!

I try to breathe deeply; I let the air come out slowly. A weight has settled on my chest, and it is a very uncomfortable one. Of course I want to have children with Ron! Of course! He wants to as well…but not so soon…not now. We haven’t had time for us…not enough. I’m not ready…he certainly isn’t either.

I’m now crying openly as I consider my options. I certainly will have this child. There is no question about it. The real question is, whether I will raise it alone or not. How will he take it? I’m sure he loves me…doesn’t he? He wouldn’t leave me…but would he stay because he wants to?

No! I won’t think about that!

But even as I reprimand myself, a sob makes its way to my throat. Will he love me less? Will he stop loving me? He will panic, I’m sure he will… My head rises to look at my countenance in the mirror. At once all the previous thoughts vanish from my mind.

This isn’t about me anymore, or Ron for that matter. This is about my child. Our child! He has a right to know, and whether he likes it or not, this baby exists now, and I’m keeping it. He can act how he sees fit.

He can either choose me and our baby, or nothing.

I wipe some stray tears that even now try to make their way down my cheeks and steel myself for what I am about to do.

I raise my eyes to the ceiling before Apparating try to calm myself. Professor Dumbledore’s face comes to my mind…

“What’s right…and what’s easy…remember…”

I stare straight ahead again, and turn my body thinking of Ron’s flat.

“What’s right…”
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