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Hermione Granger

Out of the Hospital

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Hermione Granger
Phoenix Rising: A Harry Potter RPG

Out of the Hospital

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Today I called Harry and canceled lunch, in case he was wondering –which I doubt- that I could still make it. He, as well as everyone else, knows that Ron is getting out of the hospital today.

It has been a most peculiar stay to say the least. While he was unable to speak properly, for some days now he can speak quite normally, though slowly. His throat and vocal cords may not have been cooperating, but I certainly seemed to understand what he said, sometimes of course with the help of a quill and parchment.

When I recall the day he woke up for the first time, it always seems that my emotions get the best of me.

I’m sitting next to his bed; on my usual chair wondering what he feels. Whether he’s dreaming in the state of coma he is in. For the millionth time I find myself thinking of what he wrote on that letter…That accursed letter. I’ve memorized it by now. I’ve read it so many times.

He said he loves me…

He can’t die now…he can’t stay like this forever. This won’t do!. I lean towards him so that my face is close to his ear.

“Ron…Ron…Don’t leave me…Please. Ron!” I whisper louder that last time, feeling slightly foolish not knowing whether he can hear me or not. With a sigh I sit back on my chair and prepare myself for another daydream, when suddenly he starts stirring!

Before I can stand up and approach him, to see whether he is awake or not, I see him turning on his side and I stretch my arms to no avail. He lands on the floor next to his bed, and in an instant I’m next to him. I try to move him, but he’s too heavy!

He’s blinking! I hastily grab a pillow pull it on my lap and gently raise his head to rest on the pillow. I see him opening his eyes through my tears, and now I’m openly crying when his eyes focus on me.

He opens his mouth but I hurriedly speak, before he can, “Shhh, Ron. It’s okay, you’re awake. It’s okay, everything is going to be okay,” he looks around, seemingly so out of place, and all I want is to comfort him. Make him relax. I start stroking his hair off his forehead. And then it hits me again, more forcefully than ever before.

He loves me…

My tears seem to have no end again, but as he opens his mouth again I tell him what I’ve always wanted to tell him through a watery smile, “Shhh, Ron. I love you. I love you… I love you…” I say again and again kissing gently his forehead, wanting him to understand, to believe me.

“Her…my….la….ew….” I hear him mumbling, but raising my head I see his eyes drooping, as I continue sroking his hair.

“Shhh, Ron. Everything will be fine. Never leave me again. Promise…”

“Es…” I hear him mumble once again, and this time I can’t mistake it for a ‘no’. I raise my head and see his eyes closed. He’s breathing deeply…he’s sleeping!

I place his head gently on the pillow and getting my wand I levitate him to the bed again. Pulling the covers up to his chin and placing a warming charm on them, I stroke his hair once more, and then lean down and softly kiss his cheek

“Sleep, Ron. Sleep…Everything will be ok now,” I whisper in his ear, and then straighten up.

I watch him sleeping with a slight smile on his face and feel my eyes watering again. Swallowing down the tears, I quickly scourgiy my face, and straighten my shoulders. I walk out of the door and stand in the corridor.

“HEALERS!” I say using a Sonorus Charm. Within the minute almost every Healer in St. Mungo’s is standing before me.

“Ron Weasley is awake,” I state evenly, but before they can all barge in the room, I ass, “He is sleeping at the moment, and it is unadvisable that you wake him to do anything that can be postponed. He is fine,” I state again and step aside as a few Healers quietly make their way in the room.

I look at Ron again now, sitting on the bed and looking out of the window. This past week has been more than I could ever hope for, but yet less than what I want. With the Healers’ comings and goings, plus all of Ron’s relatives and our friends visits, there hasn’t been any time for him and I to be alone. Of course there have been moments when we could both hold hands and smile at each other, but with Ron not being able to talk properly, we couldn’t talk about anything substancial, even though I could see he wanted to as well.

He turns and looks at me, smiling a smile I have come to call it my secret one. I’d never seen him smiling this way at anyone before, and now everytime he does, I feel my chest constrict.

“Ready to go to the Burrow?” I ask, smiling back.

“Not without you,” he tells me slowly, so as to manage to get the words out.

“Ron…I can’t….no one has invited me. Besides, how could I come to stay at the Burrow…As what?” I ask, averting my eyes so he can’t see my discomfort at discussing this.

“Mum is ok with it,” he says surprising me, and making me look up.

“Did you ask her? Did she tell you so herself? Is she expecting me?”

“Yes to all,” he smiles teasingly at me, and I find myself smiling back and then playfully sticking out my tongue to him. Momentarily he looks taken aback by my action as am I, but then his eyes go to my lips. He looks at them for quite some time, and then his eyes come back to stare into mine, and I feel heat in the pit of stomach.

He has never looked at me like this before…

I lean towards him, my eyes still glued to his, as he does the same….

“Mr. Weasley, these are your papers. I am happy to say, you are free to go,” The Healer’s voice, snaps me back from my reverie, and I see Ron straightening up as well, stealing a pained glance at me. I know the feeling…

He takes the papers from the Healer nodding at him in thanks, as I stand up. I take out my wand and tranport Ron’s bag to the Burrow with a flick, and then turn to him.

“Floo or Apparition?” I ask him, not knowing what would cause him less discomfort.

“Apparition…my legs…” He says glancing down at them, and I know that he means that he is still a bit wobbly…At first they said he would be paralyzed… I dismiss that thought at once, and offer him my elbow, but he takes my hand instead holding it gently, rubbing his thumb against it.

I smile at him, and shiver slightly, but then one thought hits me.

At the Burrow…we’ll be unable to be alone…for as long as we stay there…I’ll go out of my mind…

With a loud crack I Apparate us both away.
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