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Hermione Granger


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Either Way
Hermione Granger
Phoenix Rising: A Harry Potter RPG


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My eyelids flutter several times, as my pupils slowly adjust to the bright, violent light in the room.

Where am I?

The question echoes in my mind, until all the memories from last night flood my brain…

I left the hospital feeling numb. After waiting for everyone to go to their homes and after several nods in answer to questions I didn’t even pay attention too, I left as well. I considered asking to see him…his body for the last time, but after several minutes of debating with myself, I decided against it. I didn’t have the strength. I still don’t…

If I saw him that would have made it final. I would be left with that image as my last memory of him.

His lifeless body laying on a table in the morgue.

I don’t want that…

Thus, I left St. Mungo’s. I Apparated in Diagon Alley but just as I started walking, I realized. Dawn was nearing; looking up I could see the sky turning lighter on the horizon. Everyone was home…but me.

I had nowhere to go.

My flat was never my home. My parents’ house was out of the question as was the Burrow. I wanted to be alone…

So, I ended up here.

I burry my head in Ron’s pillow. The flat around me is so much like him: Bright colorful…alive.

But Ron is dead…

The tears start flowing from my eyes again. After several minutes I wipe them with the back of my hand and get out of bed…his bed. I walk to the wardrobe and open it, taking one of his Quidditch shirts out. One very much like the one Ginny wears…Harry’s. But this one has ‘Weasley’ written on the back.

Weasley is our King…was…

I sense tears coming to my eyes, but surprisingly I don’t feel the moisture. My tears dried up…I’m all cried out. I pull the sweater over my head and shiver as the fabric falls around me. He’s was bigger than me.

Damn it, Granger! Use the Past Tense!

I head blindly for the living room. Even the thought of food turns my stomach right now, though glancing at the window I gather that it must be already afternoon. I sit down in front of the fireplace. The room is so cold. Pictures on the wall…so many of them, moving…mocking me… And there just above the mantle.

The six of us, waving happily.

Neville, who I haven’t spoken to in months.
Luna, whom I’ve not spoken to in years.

Ron, whom I’ll never speak to again…Ever

Harry, who has Ginny.
Ginny, who has Harry.

And I, who have nothing. Nothing anymore.

The room slowly drifts to darkness, but I don’t move. When even the last light is gone, I take my wand and cast Incendio in the fireplace. The flame that I produced is feeble, yet strong enough to last for an hour or so. I don’t want it to last. I want it to die…like he did…like I am.

I’m lost in my thoughts when suddenly I feel a hand on my shoulder. I jump up, surprisingly filled with adrenaline gripping my wand and taking aim at the intruders.


“Hermione?” A voice with a warning tone echoes in the dark room, “Lower the wand, it’s us.”

Harry! I lower my wand but I keep thinking…’Us’? No, it can’t be…Ron is dead…they’re not here. He’s not here.

I blink several times, and as Harry and Ginny approach I finally see their faces. They’re worried; they’re eyes show how much…but they’re…excited?

“Hermione…you’d better sit down,” Harry tells me looking at my appearance uncertainly.

I don’t care how I look, I never did…now even more so. However I do as he requests. I sit back down, and look at them waiting to hear what they have to say. I must appear really uninterested, as I truly feel.

Ginny steps closer to me, in front of Harry, “You’re not going to believe this but…” she clears her throat, “Hermione, Ron…he’s alive.”

Where the mention of Ron’s name made my breath hitch painfully, the words Ginny uttered make my chest clench, “Ginny…no,” I turn my face a way and feel my throat drying from the tears that want to come, but are unable to.

“Hermione…Neville just Flooed us. They’re in a critical condition, but they’re still alive!” Harry’s voice is pleading with me to believe them.

“HARRY! He’s dead!” I cry out as I turn to look directly at him.

"Why would I tell you otherwise? I wouldn’t joke about this, you know me too well for that!" He tells me, looking back at me intently, and I feel something inside me flicker back to life.

“Harry?” I ask uncertainly, before I turn my gaze at Ginny. She nods at me slightly smiling. She hasn’t smiled in ages…it must be true.

I find myself on my feet in seconds, making my way to Ron’s room. Quickly I Scourgify my clothes from last night and put them on. The tears I thought that have dried up are in my eyes again but these are tears of relief. I almost run to the living room, lighting all the candles on my way with my wand.

He’s alive…

I stand in front of Harry and Ginny, and before they can even say another word, I smile slightly and Apparate to St. Mungo’s. I know they’re right behind me.

He’s alive…and he loves me, I let myself think of it, for the first time since I got the accursed letter.
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