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Hermione Granger

At Last

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Either Way
Hermione Granger
Phoenix Rising: A Harry Potter RPG

At Last

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It’s been three weeks…No! It’s been nearly a month since that day in Ron’s apartment. Until a few days ago; I had to admit that my rarely clouded judgment had been indeed that: Clouded.

The night I almost ‘crashed’ Padma and Parvati’s birthday party made me think of many aspects of the argument I had with Ron, if one can call it that. I read a letter, his letter and I never asked him to explain. Granted, asking for excuses has never been the strong point in mine and Ron’s relationship, but in hindsight I understand that I should have. The gap…the silence between us these weeks has been unbearable.

I have been keeping to myself, limiting the time I have spent outdoors to my visits to Ginny, and some outings to close Diagon Alley stores to purchase necessities. Hannah has been most discreet and sweet, since she hasn’t asked me anything about the state I have been in nor the late hours I’ve been staying up.

That day he was so…he was mine. For a few precious moments, he was mine and I was his. That couldn’t have been a lie. Even if Ron has changed since I knew him in Hogwarts, he couldn’t have changed that much. I haven’t forgotten about Lavender of course, but these are two different situation. Now, finally I can see that…I should have asked…

Thus, I decided to -hopefully- redeem myself in his eyes. It’s his birthday tomorrow; I haven’t forgotten…how could I? Hopefully, he will see the ‘olive branch’ I am offering and he will come…and explain.

How I wish he can explain…

I sent the Quidditch tickets for tomorrow’s Cannons match with Hannah’s owl. She was most obliging about it, actually. I catch myself thinking that I should have tried more to befriend her back in Hogwarts. She is definitely a worthy friend. I bid her goodnight and smile at her, as I stay seated on the armchair in front of the fireplace.

He should have got it by now…

Glancing at the clock I realize it’s just past midnight. Hoping that at least he will contact me tomorrow, I get up from the armchair with a sigh and turn to head for my bedroom. My hand rests on the doorknob for a moment and I turn to glance at the fireplace, only to watch the orange flames turning green.

As the green hue that had illuminated the room fades, I stand rooted to the spot watching Ron’s tall frame. He seems so big in this flat…this feminine flat. He looks so out of sorts, but I’m captivated by his stare a few moments later to notice anything else.

“Why?” He asks me, and I open my mouth to offer an excuse for sending him a present after all that’s happened, but his next words stop me, “Why did you leave that day?”

“Ron…I…I read the letter,” I sigh resignedly, and look away, expecting surprise, anger about me being so bold as to open his mail but I don’t expect his next words.

“I know you did. What I’m asking, I guess, is why you left? Why did you jump into conclusions again without asking me? After all we …did…shared that day.”

I look up at him as he utters these words and then look away. I know he’s accusing me…but why doesn’t he tell me about the letter? And why is he so calm about it? “I…I have no excuses to give you. I guess Harry’s curiosity has rubbed off on me after all this years…and yes, maybe jealousy,” I whisper the last part, staring down on the floor in front of me.

I hear him sigh tiredly, “The letter meant nothing, Hermione. Did you think I’d be so…low, to lie to you…and so convincingly?”

I shake my head, but wait anxiously for him to continue whatever he has to say.

“When we were in Egypt…Padma had just broken up with her fiancée, and she was in a really bad state. I…helped her out.”

At this my head shoots up and I stare at him accusingly. That’s his explanation? I open my mouth, feeling my cheeks flushing in anger, but he holds his hand up before I can say anything.

“I don’t mean help in that way. She got drunk. I didn’t. I took her back to her tent, she slept, nothing happened. I even protected her from some blokes that were trying to get to her at that bar. I drank Pumpkin Juice, Hermione. Pumpkin Juice in a bar. I didn’t break my promise to you,” his eyes are now boring in mine, “I never betrayed your promise…or you,” he whispers and my heart clenches painfully.


“No. I understand how you might have taken that letter. What I don’t understand is why you didn’t ask me about it,” he stares at me with searching eyes, “why did you just leave after that? After what had happened? I know I didn’t make my self clear…at least not with words…but why do you always depend on words; on facts? Aren’t actions, facts too?”

I know tears have filled my eyes, but I won’t let them fall. I’ll ask him to forgive me, but I won’t let them fall, “Ron…please…I’m-“ before I can complete my sentence, those treacherous tears have fallen, but it doesn’t matter. Because at the same moment he steps closer and wraps me in his arms, it doesn’t matter…the tears haven’t fallen down. I try once again to apologize, but my voice comes out muffled from his robes.

“It’s ok, love,” at that my head jerks up to look at him. He smiles down at me, seemingly mocking himself, “What? Didn’t you know?” he asks me before his head leans down, and he is kissing me once again.

This I too much…even more than the last time…he almost said it… almost, but I don’t care anymore. He’s mine once more. And I’m his…his love. That’s what he called me, isn’t it?

His lips leave mine, I certainly don’t understand why, but they do. His arms hug me tighter, and with one hand he presses my head on his shoulder, while he buries his face on my hair, “Thanks for the tickets; you will come with me won’t you?” he asks me, and tears make their appearance in my eyes once again. I nod keeping my head on his shoulder, knowing that he feels it.

“Do I need to make myself clear this time?” He asks me pulling back and looking at me.

“No. I think I perfectly understand,” I reply, and smile at him through my tears. He smiles back, but only until I decide to have the final word, “Well, verbal confirmation would be most welcome-“

“Oh, no you don’t,” I hear him say, before I feel his lips on mine once more. He starts kissing me deeper than before. His hands start moving, as they did that day…but not here!

I break away from his kiss, and as he leans towards me to continue it I put my hand on his lips, “Hannah is right next door!” I say, trying to adopt my sternest stance, but he just starts kissing my hand, looking straight into my eyes. All form of coherent thought suddenly eludes me, and I just step back as he pushes me towards the door I was going to enter before he came…my room.

Just as he fumbles with the doorknob, behind my back though, we hear noise from the fireplace. I look towards the hearth, and Ron follows my gaze before he groans loudly.

"I set up my floo to come here when I left, Justin is bad off and I promised...."

I shush him, as I try to push him towards the fire, he doesn't seem to want to move, but I need him to see if it's Justin and to quiet him if it is, not wanting the noise to wake Hannah up.

He walks off with a last look of regret. As much as I hope Justin is doing well, did he have to call Ron now?

A few moments later, with a most worried look on his face he turns to me, “It’s Justin...I have to go.”

I nod in understanding, but I still stand there not knowing what to say or do. He looks down to me, “Wait for me?” He asks me in a low voice, and I can do nothing but smile.

“You know I will,” I whisper, “Be careful please…” I say uncertainly, as he steps closer.

“I will. I’ll be right back,” he says, kisses me quickly, and with a twist of his body he’s gone.

I let myself fall on the armchair once more, sighing happily. It’ll be alright after all… Immediately, I chastise my self. Justin is in trouble, and all I can think about is when Ron will come back. I hope they’re ok. They have to be. I decide that the best way to pass the time until Ron gets here would be reading a book, so get up and fetch one of the latest crime novels I started reading. I know not why I have taken a liking to novels lately but surely they are a nice pastime.

A couple of chapters later, I glance up at the clock above the fireplace. It’s already been an hour. Surely they would have handled anything by now, were it simple. I feel my insides squirming with worry and put the novel away.

One hour, one half…two

I am pacing in front of the fireplace, when the fire flares green for the second time this evening. I hold my breath, thinking it’s Ron, but my heart plummets, when I see Harry’s head in the flames. He looks worried…


“Harry! You startled me!” I lie, trying to hide the minor disappointment in my voice as well as the nervousness, that’s come over me, Is Ginny ok?” I ask, suddenly worried about Ginny too.

“She’s fine, but I need you to do me a favor,” I nod, and wait for him to continue. He looks slightly hesitant, but as he utters the next words, my heart clenches painfully, “Ron might be in trouble I have to go help, but I need someone to stay with Ginny,” he says, surely it can not be that bad, but I cannot leave Ginny alone. Harry will take care of Ron. We always took care of each other.

I grab my wand, dim the candles low, and summon my cloak, “I’ll be right behind you in the Floo,” I tell him and immediately after his head disappears, I grab a pinch of Floo Powder.

“Hermione?” I hear Ginny’s voice asking uncertainly, before I can brush the soot off my clothes.

I walk to Ginny and pull her into a hug, not wanting her to see how worried I am, “I’m going to wait with you Ginny. I couldn’t stand the thought of waiting by myself for word.” I nod at Harry and continue, “Harry we’ll be fine here, go on.”

The sooner he goes to Ron, the better.
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