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Hermione Granger

Dire News

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Hermione Granger
Phoenix Rising: A Harry Potter RPG

Dire News

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True, I kept to myself all day on Valentine’s. I even ignored Hannah when she tried to talk to me. I muttered a few words and closed the door almost to her face. I feel deeply embarrassed for my behavior now, but I couldn't help how I was feeling.

I have never been as silly as to take Valentine’s Day to account, mostly since no one seemed interested in celebrating it with me; well, no one that mattered anyway. Even in Greece –due to their religious beliefs of course- no one seemed to be especially perturbed about February the 14th. But this year, after what happened, I found myself unable to let go off the fact that everyone else was especially romantic and lovely.

Therefore, I ended up staying in my room, buried in ancient texts, or as I insightfully put it: sulking. Just as I was about to call it a day, since I couldn’t persuade my mind to focus, the Floo in my room flared green. Bill’s head flashed in and then out of sight in only a few seconds after saying something.

I struggled to comprehend the words he had uttered, still staring at the blazing fireplace. I knew what he said…

”Hermione! Ginny’s gone missing…we can’t find her anywhere…please try to find her and let us know. I’ll be at the bank, or somewhere near. Harry’s at the Ministry…”

My mind felt as if it was frozen, my feet planted on the floor. I knew I should be running but I couldn’t…After several long moments of doing nothing, I snapped back to reality.


I grabbed my cloak and took my wand; the wave I gave it while putting it in my pocket made a vase break but I couldn’t care less right then. I Apparated outside of the flat, near the Leaky Cauldron. I started walking, my head turning frantically around in search of a red mane of hair. She could have gone somewhere to eat, couldn’t she? I thought to myself, but I knew it was impossible. I ran through the streets and shops ignoring the crowd’s stares.

I glanced at the steep street leading to Knockturn Alley. She couldn’t have gone in there unless she had a valid reason to, but then…what if she didn’t go willingly? My mind raced through a thousand possibilities, all of whom made me shake in dread and anger. Determined, I straightened up and prepared to walk through the street everyone had warned me of; in which I had been only once before in my life.

I stared hard at the sign, just before I entered the cobblestone path and gripped my wand harder. Before I could take another step however, a tug on my elbow made me whirl around and point my wand at whomever it was that was holding my arm. My eyes focused on one of the twins… Fred.

“Hermione…I suppose Bill told you,” he looked extremely solemn, as I had only seen him rarely through the years. I nodded and he continued, “We found her. Dad Flooed us a few minutes ago.”

“Where is she? Is she alright?” I demanded, my heart racing. The look on Fred’s face was not a good omen, and I almost dreaded his answer, but anticipated it at the same time.

“She’s…not that well. Dad couldn’t tell us much, but…” His grip on my arm tightened almost painfully but I could hardly feel it. The set on Fred’s jaw was so familiar, “Someone kidnapped her…whoever it was, beat her up and almost-“ Fred’s voice broke, “-almost raped her.”

My blood froze. “What?”

Fred nodded solemnly and I struggled to free myself from his grip. “Where is she?” I asked once more.

“They have her at the Ministry. Dad told me that they will let her go to Harry’s tonight…Listen Hermione, I have to get back in case Dad Floos again. Come to the flat will ya? I’ll walk you to the door.”

I nodded numbly; let Fred lead me towards Weasleys Wizarding Wheezes and then up to my flat. He walked me to the door and I muttered a quiet thank you. I don’t know if he heard it or not, but in any case, I made my way inside. Hannah was at work again.

Should I let her know? What should I do?

I took off my cloak and Banished it to my room, before plopping down on the sofa. I have to do something…but what? Ginny…she’s hurt… I sat there for quite some time, staring at the flames, before I realized exactly what I’d been looking at.

Harry must be home now!

I grabbed a pinch of Floo powder, and tossed it in the flames, “Harry’s flat!” I exclaimed and stuck my head in the green blaze. Images of houses whirled in front of my eyes, but they didn’t seem to slow down as they always do. I remained with my head in the flames for a minute before I felt the heat increasing, and realized that the powder’s effect was weakening.

I got my head out of the fireplace, the air around me smelling slightly of burnt hair.

He blocked the Floo!

The anger inside me threatened to break free, after all the dire news I had received that day. And now this! Why does he want to keep her away from everyone?

And then it hit me: Could Ginny be in such an awful mental state, that Harry would want to shield her from everyone? Of course! How silly I had been…She was nearlyraped! Tears burnt my eyes, and started falling on my cheeks as I realized the grave truth. I could only do one thing to make her know I was there for her…

Instantly, I summoned a quill, ink and parchment and began writing.
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