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Hermione Granger

Moving In

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Hermione Granger
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Moving In

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My time at the Burrow has been indeed a homey, happy break. I could dedicate how many hours I needed to my research and even help Mrs. Weasley sometimes around the house with chores I truly enjoyed. The Burrow has given me so many happy memories I was more than glad to exploreevery corner of the house once more.

But there is one thing I have missed during my time there: Privacy. Yes, Mrs. Weasley is like a mother to me and has been most generous and kind, but as ‘one of her children’ I felt the need to live on my own. Of course, she did nothing wrong, but I certainly have missed the freedom of being able to scream in frustration when Ron –or anyone for that matter- angered me.

Not that Ron has been disagreeable in any way of course. Considering that does make me blush, but I certainly can’t complain. Since New Year’s each time Ron and I have met each other –though with him being in Egypt, there were not many opportunities- he has been kind, caring even sweet at times. True to form, he has not professed his undying love to me (I never expect him to) but we have not bickered or argued. On the contrary, we have been acting in a most…peculiar way. We have been acting as though we are an item. That thought makes me smile, even though a bit sadly. Yes, an item…an item that never has kissed again since New Year’s or went on a date. I shake those thoughts out of my head. Even so it is a start for us…

I am startled out of my thoughts by Crookshanks. He brushes against my leg and I smile down at him. The trunk is full, the boxes are set and I am ready to go. I never owned much to start with so I certainly am able to transport them to Ginny’s flat, which will be mine and Hannah’s now.

I take my wand out, tap the top of the boxes one by one, and I know they vanish, only to reappear in my new home. With only Crookshanks left, I get ready to Apparate after I put him in his basket. He hates Apparating for sure, but he hates Transporting charms more. I know so, since the last time I tried one on him, he ended up climbing up my arm and getting tangled in my hair out of fear…or revenge. I smile wickedly down to him, knowing that he does hate Apparition, and with the memory of many locks of my hair being cut off by his claws or later, a pair of scissors I turn my body, gripping his basket to me and Dissaparate from the Burrow.

The scene that greets me is one I have not expected. I hoped that Hannah would remember me from Hogwarts, but seeing her gaping at me for a moment I doubt that she does. Ginny has told me so much about her, and from tidbits of information I gathered she didn’t have a happy life so far, after she left school in our sixth year, but I will not be the one to remind her of that. I have decided that Hannah will become my friend. She was a Prefect in Hogwarts, not a Slytherin which is definitely an asset, and she was always truly good to everyone. A true Hufflepuff.

I smile at her warmly, and seeing after a moment a shy smile lighting up her face I greet her, “Hannah! It’s been so long,” I step forward and hug her, feeling her awkwardness and stiffness at first but as I pull away from the hug I see her instantly relaxed. "How are you?"

“I’m fine,” she says in her usual quet, serene tone of voice, “are these all your things?” She asks me with an inquiring look and a slight blush.

“Yes, well I never had many clothes to begin with and as for furniture…well, no furniture except if you count books as furniture like Ron does…”I smile at her once again, and for a moment I think that my attempt at humor has failed, but then she grins broadly at me.

“I just made a fresh pot of coffee,” she tells me, pleasantly surprising me. “Made the Muggle way of course,would you like some?” she motions for me to approach the kitchen where two cups of freshly brewed coffee are placed opposite each other on the table. We take a seat each and I take a sip from the cup. Oh, yes I definitely like Hannah!

“I have been sleeping in the bed all this time, but the sofa is good enough for me," she tells me happily. I believe she is as glad as I am about this move, and to be able to live with someone your own age. I’ve never had many friends, even more so girls except Ginny, and Hannah seems only too eager to fill that spot in my life. I’m as eager as she is for that matter.

“I can transfigure the sofa into a bed, you know. It will be most convenient… besides I don’t want to unsettle you in any way, Hannah . Sleep on the bed, I like watching the fire before I sleep,” I tell her, and for a moment she looks a bit sad at the mention of transfiguring the sofa but then her face clears and she accepts my offer.

We sip our coffee as I take a look around the house, I was distracted from doing upon my arrival by Hannah’s surprise. It looks so warm and cozy. Of course it would since Ginny picked it. I feel instantly at home. Moments later when the last sip of our coffee is gone I get up and start opening the boxes, while Hannah shows me places where I can put my things –mostly books. I see her examining some of the books she finds among my stuff and I smile encouragingly at her. She smiles back at me and we start tidying things up in earnest now. Even tidying feels like a fun thing to do this way: laughing and sharing jokes about the house. I really like it.
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